Welcome To The Weekend – EP

  1. 1Diamonds
  2. 2Act Like You Don't
  3. 3Silence Speaks
  4. 4Sunday Mornin'

American Dreamin’ – Single

  1. 1American Dreamin'

Daddy’s Money

  1. 1Daddy's Money
    I’m a proud daughter of a blue collar, hard workin’ father
    Bills piled up at the end of the month took just about every dollar
    No silver spoon built the right attitude for gettin’ it on my own

    I aint ever had daddy’s money
    Didn’t come from the land of milk and honey
    Everything I got, I got workin’ to the bone to the bone to the bone
    I aint takin, I’m makin’ my livin’
    What’s mine is mine, it aint ever been given
    I got it all honey,
    But I aint ever had daddy’s money, no

    Daddy said you’re grown
    So I left home the second I turned eighteen
    Moved to the city
    Livin’ on pennies and the hope of the American dream
    Now I aint hatin’ on a trust fund baby
    I just wasn’t that fortunate


    So this is for the girls, all over the town
    Whose daddies don’t have it to throw it around
    Don’t let it hold you up
    Don’t let it slow you down